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Would you like to invite Yuja Wang to your home? Discover STEINWAY SPIRIO!

STEINWAY SPIRIO is the first high-definition self-playing system that lives up to the STEINWAY & SONS name. This masterpiece combines precision, technology and craftsmanship to create the first and only musical experience of its kind. A simple touch of your iPad® is all that is required for SPIRIO to fill your STEINWAY with life.

Thousands of recordings from world-leading STEINWAY Artists are waiting to be discovered. Look forward to a high-class SPIRIO music library featuring works that have been recorded in the finest quality in the special STEINWAY Studios, with additional recordings being added automatically every month. From Bach to George Gershwin and Billy Joel; wether cassic, jazz or pop, boogie woogie or soul; from Tchaikovsky to the Beatles, Coldplay and Adèle: you yourself decide.

Of course you also use SPIRIO as a regular Steinway grand piano. Play it yourself or have it play for you – you decide how it is done.


SPIRIO authentically renders the wealth of nuance and the passion of the artist by making use of special software designed to measure hammer speed (up to 1,020 dynamic levels at a speed of up to 800 signals per second) and positions of the damper pedal (up to 256 pedal positions at a speed of up to 100 signals per second). Be it a soft trill, precise pedal movements or thunderous fortissimi – Spirio masters them effortlessly while closely embodying the emotional and technical breadth of the pianist.


The SPIRIO app for iPad® connects you with hundreds of performances and brings your STEINWAY grand piano to life. The exclusive SPIRIO library is regularly updated automatically and offers everything from J. S. Bach to Irving Berlin and Billy Joel, and unlocks the full playing potential of your grand piano no matter your skill level.



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